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detailBrockton Interfaith CommunityBrockton, Massachusetts. USAto reach across ethnic, racial, and religious lines, to improve the community by building relationships, identifying common concerns, finding solutions and taking action for social justice.
detailInterFaith MinistriesWichita, Kansas. USAsupport for community and social service provision
detailCouncil of Religious Leaders of Metropolitan ChicagoChicago, Illinois. USATo devise and implement ways of translating the social concerns of the Council into meaningful action and response. To bring to bear the spiritual and prophetic elements of our traditions in ways that will help promote justice, health and wholeness in this community.
detailGreater Long Beach Interfaith Community OrganizationLong Beach, California. USATo recruit member congregations who are ready to commit to the community organizing process. To bridge ethnic, cultural, and racial differences. Focus on air quality, health, housing and voting.
detailGreater Richmond Interfaith ProgramRichmond, California

To provide food and shelter, as well as support and prevention-based services to help community members in need achieve self-sufficiency. To help provide employment and permanent supported housing. To further social responsibility, justice, and spiritual healing in all activities. To recognize common humanity by celebrating life, dignity, and faith in strategic efforts to end homelessness, hunger, and disenfranchisement. To reach out to other groups, agencies and individuals to support and carry out work together. To provide opportunities for all faith-based and secular communities and individuals to embrace the sacred service of assisting the impoverished, with a focus on healing, and a commitment to transforming lives.

detailInterfaith Leadership Alliance of Santa FeSanta Fe, New Mexico. USAUnderstand and respect the differences between faith traditions and philosophies Build relationships between faith communities Inspire participation in interfaith programs and events Implement programs and projects that support the mission
detailInterfaith Council of Greater SacramentoSacramento, California. USATo encourage a cohesive hand of all faiths in social services, to implement programs for the basic needs in the community, to help protect religious freedom as an element of human rights for all. To improve communication and to perform community service.
detailWorcester InterfaithWorcester, Massachusetts. USAto build bridges between congregational and community leaders and across religious, socio-economic, racial and ethnic boundaries. to accomplish much in the areas of jobs, neighborhood improvements, public safety, education and youth, and draw attention to the disproportionate ways in which these issues affect low-income and minority populations.
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