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detailConnecticut Council for Interreligious UnderstandingHartford, Connecticut. USATo learn about each others religion in an honest,open and respectful atmosphere. Ongoing dialogue and cooperation in providing an effective voice in public life on issues of interreligious concern
detailDutchess County Interfaith Council, IncPoughkeepsie, New York, USATo bring a spiritual perspective to community issues To weave the thread of community by honoring the diversity of religious expression and ethnic background.
detailDuxbury Interfaith Council Duxbury, Mass. USAto provide opportunities for all people of Duxbury to join in interfaith worship, charity, education
detailGreenville Interfaith Forum Greenville, South Carolina. USAprovides opportunities for learning more about Greenvilles religious diversity. invites members to bring the strengths and blessings of their faith tradition or denomination to their interfaith effort to build religious understanding and cooperation.
detailInterfaith Council of Greater RichmondRichmond, Virginia. USAno info
detailThe Interfaith Network Seattle, Washington, USADiscover common ground among faith traditions, understand and respect the differences between faith traditions
detailInterfaith Families Project of the Greater Washington, DC Area Takoma Park, Maryland. USAnot to reject religious backgrounds, nor seek a new religion that is a mixture of Christian and Jewish belief, but to honor the distinct religious traditions and to share those traditions with spouses, partners and children.
detailInterfaith Initiative of Santa Barbara County Santa Barbara, California. USAto have a peaceful, connected community in which all religions are respected, and in which housing, education, and health needs are met, where fair and equitable access to economic and social well-being prevail, and where no-one is homeless, hungry, hated or excluded. To maintain a diverse community and celebrate its interdependence which is strengthened and fortified by the shared values of the respective faith traditions. To find humane solutions to local issues and needs through service in partnership with individuals, agencies and organizations.
detailNetwork of Religious CommunitiesBuffalo, New York. USATo promote dialogue, facilitate the sharing of spiritual activities and resources, work for justice and peace. to facilitate collaboration in areas of common concern and in response to the needs of the residents of the region, to promote justice, peace, and the common good in Western New York and the Niagara Peninsula of Ontario.
detailProject Interfaith Omaha, Nebraska. USAseek to serve resource on interfaith relations and religious and cultural diversity
detailShalom Center of the Interfaith Network Kenosha, Wisconsin. USATo assist those in need of food, shelter, health care, and educational support and to help these individuals move towards a long-term goal of self-sufficiency
detailShem Center for Interfaith Spirituality Chicaogo, Illinois, USAencouraging respect and understanding among the worlds religions
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