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detail Religions for Peace Transform violent conflict, promote just and harmonious societies, advance human development, protect the Earth.
detail The Pontifical Council for Interreligious Dialogue To promote mutual understanding, respect and collaboration between Catholics and the followers of others religious traditions. To encourage the study of religions. To promote the formation of persons dedicated to dialogue.
detail The Programme for Christian-Muslim Relations in Africa

To carry out a transparent administration based on integrity and accountability in its service delivery systems. As an African programme for all Africans and their environment, .. to be part of an ongoing process in the relations between Christians and Muslims in faithful witness, peace and peaceful coexistence.

detail The King Abdullah International Centre for Interreligious and Intercultural Dialogue

Generate, develop and disseminate knowledge in the area of Interreligious and Intercultural dialogue. Cultivate and promote respect for differences through dialogue. Create bridges, address conflict and promote collaboration amongst diverse groups. Capacity-building. 

detail Berkley Center for Religion, Peace, and World Affairs to make Georgetown a global leader in the interdisciplinary study of religion and the advancement of interreligious understanding.
detail Council for a Parliament of the Worlds Religions The Parliament of the World's Religions exists to cultivate harmony among the world's religious and spiritual communities and foster their engagement with the world and its guiding institutions in order to achieve a just, peaceful and sustainable world.
detail The Fetzer Institute Participating in successful real-world forgiveness projects
detail Global Peace Initiative of Women Upliftment of the world. Uncovering the deeper origins and impacts of conflict, and to learn how best to address these. Collective peace through personal transformation. Bring GPIW's inclusive and spiritually-based model to bear on the pressing global ecological and economic crises, .. linked to the possibilities for a balanced world.
detail International Association for Religious Freedom IARFs goal as a membership organisation is to work for these three aspects of religious freedom (1) freedom from oppressive interference or discrimination by the state, governmental or social institutions, (2) mutual understanding, respect and the promotion of harmony, or at least tolerance, between individuals and communities of different faiths and (3) accountability by the respective religious communities that their practices uphold the human rights and dignity of their members and others.
detail International Humanist and Ethical Union IHEU pursues these five strategic aims (1) to promote Humanism as a non-theistic life stance throughout the world, (2) to represent Humanism in the international community, (3) to defend human rights as well as the rights of Humanists, (4) to develop organised Humanism in every part of the world and (5) to build a strong, effective organisation.
detail The Pluralism Project at Harvard University PP works to (1) document and better understand the changing contours of religion in America, (2) study the diverse religious communities themselves, (3) explore the implications of America’s new plurality through case studies of particular cities and towns, and (4) discern the emerging meanings, challenges, and opportunities of America’s new religious contours for developing a public commitment to pluralism.
detail Rumi Forum The principal goal of the Rumi Forum is to promote peace in the world and contribute to a peaceful coexistence of the adherents of different faiths, cultures, ethnicities and races.
detail Temple of Understanding To educate youth and adults both cross culturally and inter-religiously for global 
citizenship and peaceful coexistence. To advocate acceptance and respect for religious pluralism by the worlds governing bodies.
detail The Templeton Prize

To encourage all of humanity to be more open-minded about the possible character of ultimate reality and the divine, by honouring a living person who has made an exceptional contribution to affirming life spiritual dimension.

detail The Interfaith Alliance To ensure that faith and freedom flourish so that individuals can worship freely or not worship at all, so they can embrace matters of personal conscience without fear of government intrusion, and so that all can live in a vibrant, healthy society.
detail United Religions Initiative To promote enduring, daily interfaith cooperation, to end religiously motivated violence and to create cultures of peace, justice and healing for the Earth and all living beings.
detail Interfaith Worker Justice

To engage, organize and mobilize the religious community on worker rights issues. 

detail The Coexist Foundation To drive and support educational programmes and initiatives to capture the public imagination, promoting dialogue and reconciliation between groups in conflict, and research programmes which further relations between Jews, Christians and Muslims, and between these faiths and others.
detail Center for Interfaith Action on Global Poverty By mobilising congregations, CIFA harnesses The Faith Effect, the powerful magna vox of coordinated interfaith action focused on several shared public-health challenge in economically less-developed countries.
detail Dances of Universal Peace International Encouraging diverse people to eat, dance and pray together, bringing a spiritual connection within and without.
detail Fellowship of Reconciliation To seek the company of people of faith who will respond to conflict nonviolently, seeking reconciliation through compassionate action...to extend the boundaries of community and affirm its diversity of religious traditions as it seeks the resolution of conflict by the united efforts of people of many faiths.
detail Interfaith Youth Core Religious pluralism. American college students, supported by their campuses, can be the interfaith leaders needed to make religion a bridge and not a barrier.
detail Dialogue Interreligieux Monastique / Monastic Interreligious Dialogue To promote and support dialogue at the level of religious experience and practice, between Christian monastic men and women and followers of other religions.
detail North American Interfaith Network To affirm humanity's diverse and historic spiritual resources and bring them to bear on contemporary global, national, regional and local issues. To facilitate the work of interfaith organizations and provide networking possibilities.
detail Tanenbaum Center for Interreligious Understanding To confront religious ignorance and violence head-on with results-oriented programs that reduce hatred and produce real change in the way people think and act.
detail Tantur Ecumenical Institute Seek a broader and deeper understanding of each other's faith and traditions, ethics and social witness, liturgies and pieties. Explore the relationships between Christians and peoples of other world faiths, especially Jews and Muslims. Participate in the search for world peace and justice, through theological study and through exploring human rights and conflict resolution in different religious and social contexts.
detail World Congress of Faiths To explore both the challenges and the enrichments that arise from the interaction of diverse traditions of faith and belief, and to learn more about them. The organisation sees itself as offering opportunities for spiritual growth through engagement between faiths.
detail World Council of Interfaith Congregations Interfaith as a spiritual expression. 'May peace and love be with you and fill you as you find your true path of spiritual expression... Respectfully'
detail World Faiths Development Dialogue Acting as bridge between the worlds of faith and secular development.
detail The World Subud Association To enable people who practice the latihan to understand its benefits and use it in their daily lives...the latihan heightens awareness and concern for the needs of others, benefits local communities and humanity more generally.
detail Inter-religious Council of Uganda Advocate and promote health, non-violence, peaceful coexistence and respect for human rights. Promote holistic education, peaceful coexistence, moral and spiritual integrity, social-economic welfare and collaborative action through sharing knowledge and resources for the common good.
detail The Woolf Institute The aim of our work is to connect the multidisciplinary study of relations with broader practical and theoretical questions, including the importance of trust in everyday life, the role of religion in international diplomacy, and improving end of life care in local hospices. We strive, in our research and outreach, to demonstrate how greater understanding of commonality and difference can inform and enhance the wider public good.
detail The Institute of Interfaith Dialog Encouraging the study of the global communities spiritual traditions from the vantage point of respect, accuracy and appreciation. To promote fully expressed dialogue within the global community. To maintain a stance for compassion and respect with regard to free expression of spirituality throughout communities. To help unite communities so that the spirituality of all individuals be heard in a space that is free of dogmatism, criticism, oppression, and fear. The Institute aims to eliminate or reduce false stereotypes, prejudices and unjustified fears through direct human communication.
detail Jacob Soetendorp Institute for Human Values To strive to be an inspiration, a call to action, and to act as a catalyst, multiplier and connector. building the bridges that will enable us all to arrive at a more just, sustainable, and peaceful future.
detail Center for Interfaith Studies and Dialogue To establish an environment conducive to understanding the diversity of faiths in our world and community. To communicate the skills necessary for people of diverse faiths to live together in peace and justice. To provide educational resources to aid in establishing an environment of understanding and equality. To teach individuals, communities and institutions how to live and communicate more effectively with those from other religions and faith backgrounds.
detail The Cambridge Interfaith Programme To shape the future of engagement between people of faith and the future of engagement between peoples of faith and the world that surrounds them. Learning about, learning from, and learning between religions as they interact within a secular and religious world.
detail International Committee for the Peace Council to build bridges among all beings through the message of non-violence, compassion, human rights, and universal responsibility, individual and collective. We acknowledge our many failures and the frequent abuse of religion, but we celebrate its power to heal, to educate, to enlighten, and to transform.
detail Council of Religious Institutions of the Holy Land to maintain a permanent relationship and open channels of communication between the institutional religious leadership of the Holy Land. To sustain a close working relationship with the Government of Israel and the Palestinian National Authority. To promote respect for the holy sites of all faith communities, and to counteract any expression of disrespect, desecration or abuse of holy sites, particularly when they are exploited for violent and hostile purposes.
detail Network for Inter Faith Concerns To exchange news, information, ideas and resources relating to inter faith concerns between provinces of the Anglican Communion. To achieve local contextual and wider theological reflection. Witness and evangelism where appropriate. Prayerful and urgent action with all involved in tension and conflict. Support for people of faith, especially Christians, who live as religious minorities in situations of discrimination or danger.
detail Interfaith Scotland To build good relations between persons of different religious faiths through dialogue, understanding and co-operation. To promote mutual understanding and good relationships between people of different religious faiths in Scotland.
detail Institute for Christian and Jewish Studies re-examine the meaning of our religious assumptions, particularly about the other; challenge the theological distortions and misconceptions that have contributed to the historical conflict between Christians and Jews; develop resources within our respective communities that inspire both to honor the legitimacy and distinctiveness of the other.
detail The National Religious Partnership for the Environment To encourage and support the work of faithful people across the religious spectrum and illustrate both the diversity of traditions that enrich, and the common purpose that drives, this movement.
detail The World Peace Prayer Society To globally celebrate the oneness of humanity.
detail Adyan Foundation Foster Cross-Cultural Arab-West dialogue and mutual understanding. Raise awareness at grassroots level on religious pluralism, geopolitics of religions and interfaith relations. Introduce in the national educational policies and programs for schools, the education on inclusive citizenship for religious diversity and coexistence. Empower teachers, trainers and policy makers in religious pluralism, multifaith education and inclusive citizenship. Develop programs that foster and disseminate modern Islamic discourse and culture.
detail Three Faiths Forum To build understanding between people of all faiths and beliefs. By building new inter-communal relationships we make positive social change possible.
detail Coexister through social cohesion and togetherness; to defend the principle of coexistence and act to counter religious discrimination.
detail Interfaith Centre of Melbourne For Australia to grow as a successful multicultural and multi-faith nation
detail Guerrand-Hermes Foundation for Peace The Foundation seeks to contribute strategically to the resolution of human problems and to facilitate processes that help true human qualities develop in the world.
detail World Festival of Sacred Music WFSM endeavors to help its audiences transcend borders of all kinds; linguistic, national, cultural, ideological, racial and religious in order to access our shared human values.
detail Abrahamic Family Reunion Seeks to enhance the possibility of contrition and reconciliation among civil and religious representatives of the three Abrahamic traditions.
detail Abrahams Vision Peace and understanding among Muslims and Jews, Israelis and Palestinians
detail All-Believers Network Help participants (1) discover the common thread in all spiritual paths, including indigenous ones (2) respect religious reformers of more recent times (3) understand and marvel at the variety of rituals used by different religions (4) rise above divisive narrow-mindedness (5) keep an open mind by visiting diverse houses of worship and learning to feel the Divine Presence everywhere (6) enrich their own religious path through this common exploration and (7) lovingly spread the message of the unity of religious ideals.
detail Charter for Compassion Signing the Charter is meant not only as the individuals lifelong commitment to live with compassion but as a collective summons to creative, practical and sustained action to meet the political, moral, religious, social and cultural problems of our time.
detail Elijah Interfaith Institute EII to help create a world where there is increasing understanding among the religions.
detail Humanitys Team Global grassroots spiritual movement
detail Institute for Interreligious Dialogue IID aims to create a world in which rational tolerance will make it possible for different religions to co-exist within a single country so that their respective adherents can talk and cooperate on common points.
detail Inter Religious Federation for World Peace A world in which religions can bring their respective treasures to bear upon advancing substantially the realisation of enduring peace.
detail The Interfaith Center on Corporate Responsibility Seeking a global community built on justice and sustainability through transformation of the corporate world.
detail Interfaith Encounter Association In places around Israel to demonstrate how multiple faiths can live side by side in peace while becoming growing islands of co-existence communities.
detail Interfaith International Universal human rights in the face of religious discrimination and bigotry
detail Interfaith Power and Light to provide
detail International Academy for Interfaith Studies Exploring the Many Paths.
detail International Center for Religion and Diplomacy Bridging the political and religious spheres in support of peacemaking. Deploying inter-religious action teams to areas where conflict threatens or has already erupted. Training clergy and laity in the skills of peacemaking. Supporting interpretations of religious teachings that reduce misunderstanding and conflict.
detail International Council for Inter-religious Cooperation The goal of interreligious dialogue should not be restricted to tolerating one another or peaceful living among different communities of faith, rather, the aim should be to generate mutual understanding and respect for religious diversity and to create a climate in which people can broach, unafraid and open, all themes that interest humanity
detail InterSpiritual Dialogue in Action To bring together and network individuals of consciousness and help them develop authentic friendships, which he believed would enhance the unfolding.
detail Irish School of Ecumenics To be an educational resource for students, religious traditions, government agencies and civil society groups in Ireland and abroad, and to make available ISE’s unique blend of expertise as they explore their traditions, identities and emerging concerns.
detail Network of Spiritual Progressives Inspiring leaders, influencing legislation and incarnating community.
detail Ontario Consultants on Religious Tolerance Dissemination of accurate information about religion and spirituality.
detail Spiritual Directors International Tp provide programs, publications, and practices to support spiritual direction.
detail Sufi Order International To help to bring the worlds two opposite poles, East and West, closer together by the interchange of thought and ideals, that the Universal Kinship may form of itself, and human being may see with human being beyond the narrow national and racial boundaries.
detail The Chaplaincy Institute for Arts and Interfaith Ministries Health in body, heart, mind and spirit; interfaith awareness, dialogue and cooperation; the evolution of consciousness, both individual and collective; soul as source of revelation; awareness of our connection with each other, our world, and the Divine; sustainable practices for self-care, community-care, and global-care.
detail United Communities of Spirit

Develop a useful and friendly network system that can bring together the most deeply spiritual people of this planet, regardless of their religious background.

detail Virtual Religion Index To provide a research tool, not to circumvent tours of worthy sites, but to cut down the time spent on surfing & sorting of automated searches.
detail The World Council of Religious Leaders As an independent body without UN status, to bring religious resources to support the work of the United Nations in our common quest for peace.
detail Doha International Center for Interfaith Dialogue to be a leading model in achieving peaceful coexistence between followers of different faiths and an international reference for interfaith dialogue.
detail Intercultural Dialogue Institute Ottawa to bring together people of goodwill from all cultures and faiths on a common platform of love and tolerance to develop an understanding that can inspire peace and harmony in our community. To contribute to Canada’s diverse and multicultural atmosphere by service and contribution to society.
detail Jordanian Interfaith Coexistence Research Center to develop and implement educational programs geared towards developing the concepts of peace building using the interfaith perspective of human dignity, equality, justice and freedom. primary objectives is to provide advice and assistance to governments, organizations and individual decision-makers regarding the issue of peace building.
detail GreenFaith, Interfaith Partners for the Environment no research info
detail Inter-Religious Organisation, Singapore To inculcate the spirit if friendship and cooperation among the leaders and followers of different religions. To improve the conditions of the adherents of different religions in generally accepted moral principles. To organise by lawful and peaceful means a movement to eradicate the common evils prevailing among the mankind. To work for the achievement of peace and goodwill among mankind. To promote mutual respect, assistance and protection among the adherents of different religions. To conduct prayers and meditation for the well being of mankind as often as possible and convenient. To promote in every way comity and cooperation among the followers of different religions for the good of mankind. To organise public lectures, study groups, radio and television publicity in an effort to familiarise the public with the objectives of the Organisation.
detail Amitie Judeo-Musulmane de France connecting locales of community dialogue across france with national intiatives.
detail Royal Institute for Interfaith Studies to include all issues pertaining to religious, cultural and civilizational diversity, regionally and globally
detail SnowStar Institute of Religion to examine, research, honour, celebrate, and debate historical and progressive theologies. To value leading scholars, philosophers, theologians, clergy, writers, activists and other thinkers.
detail Inter-religious council in Bosnia-Herzegovina To decrease religious prejudice and raise awareness of the importance of inter-religious dialogue and cooperation through developing relationships between churches and religious communities throughout BiH; To promote the relationship between the State and the churches and religious communities through mutual commitments; To link the IRC-BiH with regional and international initiatives.
detail Arab Group for Muslim-Christian Dialogue no research info
detail Institut d’Etudes Islamo-Chretiennes to achieve a sense of conviviality where dialogue allows for awareness. Using new tech to promote muslim-christian dialogue.
detail International Interfaith Investment Group 3iG To promote faith-consistent investments in the spirit of interfaith and international dialogue and cooperation. To assist the Faiths in facilitating and advancing their engagement in the area of faith-consistent investing and to provide high-level research and information to enhance its development.
detail Centre for the World Religions To foster peace and prosperity through an initiative for worldwide disarmament and funds release to address poverty through an empowerment of a truly representative UN. To refrain from proselytizing, but to commit to dialogue with the aim of mutual learning and to conduct dialogue in a way that no one is asked to surrender any of the principles upheld by their respective religious tradition while all should be inspired to explore whether all their convictions conform to the original teachings of that religion. To promote peace in a substantial, sustained and comprehensive way that connects it with a spiritual approach to and impetus from the world religions
detail Center for Interreligious Understanding no info about deliverables
detail Civilizations Exchange and Cooperation Foundation To focus on factors that led to the rise and fall of previous civilizations and how people of this millennium can benefit from lessons of the past in a world literally changing to a global village.
detail Hands of Peace To foster long-term peaceful coexistence among Jewish-Israelis, Arab Citizens of Israel, and Palestinians by bringing together teenagers from the Middle East with American teenagers in an interfaith setting.
detail The Lakeshore Interfaith Institute To honor the sacredness and uniqueness of each faith, and then create new ways for many paths to meet on common ground. To engage in a many sided and open-ended dialogue. To combine the role of spirituality and education as the transformation to learning; to enhance local and global awareness and responsibility for ethical development which bears on the economical, environmental, spiritual and social challenges facing our earth community today.
detail Across Boundaries Multifaith Institute strengthen civil society and enhance pluralism in Canada and globally by promoting dialogue and exchange among faith traditions and between secular and religious perspectives.
detail St Ethelburgas To help people build relationships across divisions of conflict, culture and religion. When people really listen to each other they can build new relationships. Such relationships make the world a less divided place and create more peaceful communities.
detail American Islamic Congress To advocate unequivocally for womens equality, free expression, and nonviolence - making no apologies for terrorism, which primarily claims Muslim lives.