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Organization Civilizations Exchange and Cooperation Foundation
History Established in 2000
City Baltimore, Maryland
Values no research info so far
Vision no vision statement info
Mission To foster cooperation rather than confrontation among different religions and cultures.
Goals To focus on factors that led to the rise and fall of previous civilizations and how people of this millennium can benefit from lessons of the past in a world literally changing to a global village.
Approach Short Exchange Programs involving professionals, clergy, law enforcement personnel and students with different topics being discussed each year. Cultural Orientations to enhance the understanding of religious and cultural issues of exchange students, host families, and staff members. National & International conferences, symposiums and seminars involving scholars from various backgrounds. Educating people about the common roots of traditions is one of the most important focus of our activities. Learning leads to better understanding, which in the end leads to mutual appreciation and peace.
Structure no structure info
Scale Moderate
Scope International
Activity Better Understanding for a Better World (Youth); Peaceful Engagements Achieved through Cultural Exchanges; Partners in the Work of Peacemaking; Cultural Understanding for Law Enforcement Personnel; Building Bridges; Spain Program; Morocco Program; Ambassadors of Peace; Arabic Language program.
Religion Secular
Words education, inter-culture
Acronym CECF
Contact 7745 Paddock Way, Baltimore, MD 21244