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Organization Interfaith Power and Light
History IPL began in 1998 as Episcopal Power and Light, a coalition of Episcopal churches in California to purchase renewable energy. In 2000 other faith communities joined in and California Interfaith Power and Light was born. Now engaging hundreds of congregations and educating thousands of parishioners, it helped California pass its landmark climate/clean-energy laws. Based on its success, the model has been adopted by 37 sister-state affiliates, with the goal of establishing IPL programs in all 50 U.S. states. As an activist/educational organisation, moreover, IPL is explicit that it is building a movement.
City San Francisco, California
Values a religious response to global warming
Vision envisions a world where the ecosystem is in balance, all Creation is healthy and everyone is assured of sufficient, sustainable energy
Mission act as a faithful steward of creation by responding to global warming through the promotion of energy conservation, energy efficiency and renewable energy
Goals To ensure that climate policies provide adaptation and mitigation support for communities domestically and internationally whose health and survival is at stake. We also aim to make sure that all people can participate in and benefit from the growing clean energy economy.
Approach brings the voice of the faith community into the public-policy arena by supporting positive policy changes at the local, state, and national levels.
Structure IPL is a membership organisation
Scale Moderate
Scope California
Activity Supports programs to provide jobs training to displaced coal workers and restoration of degraded lands, provide information about U.S. climate legislation, carbon calculators for congregations or homes, carbon covenant
Religion All-faith
Words ecology, community, faith
Acronym IPL
Contact 369 Pine Street, Suite 700 San Francisco, CA 94104. USA. Tel. +1-415-561-4891 Fax. +1-414-561-4892